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Welcome at Landstede!

Value-added learning, living and working Landstede is a unique organisation, not only because we provide education for all ages as well as services such as social services, childcare, and recycling but mainly because we help people make the most of their potential by encouraging their natural talents.

Landstede considers itself as a socially oriented enterprise. Our ideals dictate that we bring our activities directly to our clients, which can only be done by maintaining good relationships with local centers specialising in talent and skill development. By linking education with local public benefit organisations we contribute to regional educational and social infrastructure. The integration of activities within Landstede Welfare is another example of our localembedment.

At Landstede, sports are carefully integrated in our programme, talent development being central to our vision. Sports contribute to the formation of ideals and values at Landstede and repeatedly prove to be the source of fresh initiatives and dynamic ideas.

Consequently, our Sports and Physical Education programme is increasingly embedded in sport clubs and organisations. The Thomas a Kempis College has the status of "LOOT-school" (National Consultation Board for Top-Class Sport Education). The Foundation for Top-Class Sports Zwolle, in which Landstede participates, organises high level sport activities in Zwolle. The Landstede basketball and volleyball teams play at premier league level. And the Foundation for Sports Talent helps establish sports talent centres. Furthermore, both employees and students at Landstede contribute to many more sport-related activities.

"Local sponsorship comprises the basis of social enterprise"
Rob van Kessel, board of directors

Landstede is developing into a market-oriented and demand-driven service industry. Our success is partially determined by the quality of our client relationships. To be a competitive partner in the market we must be a professional organization with employees who are entrepreneurial, customer friendly and result-oriented. With our motto "optimally decentralised", Landstede has distributed as much of its competence as possible to the separate business units.

The decentralised teams have the task of developing and executing educational and social welfare projects and, in so doing, each plays a crucial role. In order to produce a high-quality programme, each and every team must be professional. This is only possible in a work environment where collegiality, self-sufficiency and responsibility for results are the norm.

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